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About us

As a family we have been travelling all over the world absorbing knowledge, experiencing new cultures, and seeking the earth’s unparalleled beauty in all its forms. All our travels and passion for creating bespoke habitual spaces inspired us to develop UMA Homes.

"UMA" means "house" in the language of the Mentawai Islands. The traditional tattoo designs of the local tribes guided us in creating our logo and symbol (the UMA flower).  A magical place with intoxicating beauty, the Mentawai Islands have captured our hearts forever. Each one of our plots of land we choose to build on has something special about it. For our pilot project we are building on land that sits on top of the Sea Caves area of Pegeia in Pafos. These formations are priceless as it takes thousands of years for them to be created.  They are also home to some wildlife, such as the Mediterranean Monk seals (Monachus monachus), the most rare and endangered seal species in the world.  Additionally, the land is infused with the Akamas rock, known to emit a strong good energy to its inhabitants.

Furthermore, our goal is to develop homes with soul that serve their owners with style and modern functionality. This is achieved by our own unique approach (the UMA spice), but also working alongside Europe’s most talented young architects. This gave us the chance to win multiple international awards with our very first design.

Moving forwards, we will always place the utmost importance on using only environmentally friendly systems and methods for our projects. Rigorous attention to detail and sourcing the highest quality building materials in the world is what makes us who we are.

Finally, only the most experienced contractors that have mastered their craft through decades of experience have the chance to work with us. At UMA we truly love what we do with all our heart and pledge to operate with integrity and transparency towards our buyers. We cannot wait to welcome you into the exclusive world of UMA homes, where we are always adding a touch of spice to timeless elegance.

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